The Virginia Branch of The International Dyslexia Association
The Virginia Branch of The International Dyslexia Association

Tutor Information

Tutors can provide enhanced hearing and learning which will increase comprehension which makes retention possible. Read the Facts...

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VBIDA does not endorse or recommend any tutors or their services. VBIDA provides the list for parents or teachers with the intention to offer a list of reference. The views and opinions will be monitored and names will be removed if services are not provided properly. VBIDA is not responsible for the availability of the tutors. It is the sole responsibility of the pursuing parent or teacher to set up meetings, to interview and to discuss payment. It is not the intention of VBIDA to provide specific tutoring advice, but rather to provide users with information to contact a tutor of their choosing. VBIDA is released from any legal issues. Email comments or questions to [email protected]

Diagnosticians Listings

Stacy P. Dean, Ph.D., NCED
Partners In Learning Educational Consulting, LLC
503 Faulconer Dr., 7A
Charlottesville, VA 22903
University of Virginia - Adjunct Faculty
[email protected]

Tutor Listings

Rebecca Aldred, M. Ed. University of VA
[email protected]
Triple certified with a VA Teaching License, Wilson Trained; 40 years of teaching experience Educational Diagnostician
Charlottesville Area

Nancy Kochli, M.A., M.Ed.
[email protected]
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Culpeper County
Mary Lynn Lindner
Literacy Specialist
Discovery Reading Services
540-656-8180 cell phone
[email protected]
*Trained in Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes,® (not affiliated with their organization) VA-NC Special Education, K-12 licenses
Fredericksburg Area
Susan Louchen, M.S.
[email protected]
VA licensed reading and spelling teacher, using Orton-Gillingham (multisensory structured language) based methods.
Gainesville Area
Christian Lynch O'Hara
[email protected]
Leesburg Area
Sue Morgan
Virginia Board of Education Collegiate Professional License
Early Education to Grade 4, Middle Education Grades 5-8, History
Remedial Reading, Writing & Math, Orton-Gillingham & Wilson
ESL/English as a Second Language, Home School Tutor Instruction

[email protected]

Richmond Area
Carolyn Myers, M.ED. N.C.E.D.
Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician
Assessment, Consultation, Advocacy, Workshops, Student Learning Strategies
Affiliated with Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners, PC
[email protected]
Richmond Area
Roberta C. Johnson, M. A.
[email protected]
Reading/Writing/Spelling/Grammar K-adult (OG/Wilson) Organization and Study Skills (including mnemonic strategies) 4th-adult Math through Algebra 1, Intro Spanish & French, Keyboarding
Roanoke Area
Kendall Young
Roanoke Area
Judy Compton
[email protected]
3403 Robins Nest Arch, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Certified in Wilson Reading System and Wilson tutoring only
757-340-2053 (H)
757-362-4134 (C)
Virginia Beach



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