The Virginia Branch of The International Dyslexia Association
The Virginia Branch of The International Dyslexia Association

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VBIDA is the Virginia Branch of the parent association called the International Dyslexia Association. This organization is dedicated to the dissemination of information and services to individuals and families impacted by the challenges of dyslexia. Our mission is to create hope, possibility and partnership to address dyslexia and its characteristics.

Members in the VBIDA include professionals, administrators, teachers, parents, and individuals with an interest in Dyslexia and its impact on literacy skills. Reading and writing do not come easily to those with Dyslexia, and the organization supports the knowledge and programs that are known to assist the acquisition of reading and written language skills. We believe all individuals have the right to achieve to their potential. To this end, we strive to improve public awareness and understanding of Dyslexia. We provide information in current research and resources about Dyslexia and the organization disseminates knowledge about effective teaching strategies and academic programs for those who require them.


This Branch was formed to increase public awareness of dyslexia in the State of Virginia. The entire state is served with the exception of Northern Virginia, which is part of the DC-Capital Branch in Washington, DC. Individuals with dyslexia, their families, and professionals in the field in this community have been served for over 30 years. Tutoring, testing, and other referral information can be obtained by contacting us at VBIDA.

Many VBIDA members are actively involved in the diagnosis and remediation of dyslexia. Educators, psychologists, and physicians provide expertise to address the needs of those with dyslexia. Parents and individuals who face the challenges and issues of living with Dyslexia and learning disabilities are encouraged to also contact their local school system or the State Department of Education for additional information. VBIDA strives to continually develop networks of local school officials, parents, attorneys, and professionals to help navigate the “channels” of these systems.

VBIDA also strives to raise awareness of early intervention and its success with individuals with Dyslexia. We encourage teachers to train in multisensory language instruction and to introduce these concepts early in an effort to serve the needs of students with learning challenges.



IDA is the leading resource for individuals with dyslexia, their families, teachers, and educational professionals around the world. Since we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and treatment of dyslexia, we encourage you to join our mission and become a member. You will receive regular information about managing dyslexia, access to an international network of professionals in the field, discounts on conferences fees and publications from our Online Store, quarterly and biannual publications, and affiliation with your Local Branches opening a gateway to a learning community of other individuals sharing our mission. Disclaimer The International Dyslexia Association, IDA, doesn't recommend or endorse any individual, business, school or program.

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